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Noodling a 84lb flathead catfish in 1ft of.water!!

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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Extreme Noodling-Massive Hole!

This puts a whole new meaning into going balls deep into a hole. Watch as Bradley Beesley, creator and filmmaker of Okie Noodling and Mudcats, double teams a hole with Nate Williams and Adrenaline...

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Sarah's First Catfish Noodling

Alabama Catfish Noodlers www.alabamacatfishnoodlers.webs.com.

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16th Annual Okie Noodling Tournament

The 16th Annual Okie Noodling Tournament at Wacker Park in Pauls Valley Oklahoma kicks off this year with an inaugural concert in the park on Friday night, while Saturday will be a fun-filled...

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Under water video of Noodling a flat head catfish.

WARNING!!! Don't go in deep water when noodling catfish , don't go alone,don't go into water with a strong current and don't go the water if you live in a state with alligators or crocodile...

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Kid Noodling a Catfish - Fishing by hand

Kid Noodling a Catfish - Fishing by hand #fishing, #Noodling https://youtu.be/l1jJeyaFNgM.

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Noodling for Snapping Turtles

Indiana Outdoor Adventures heads to the water to noodle for snapping turtles. Co-Host Troy McCormick even hands off the camera to try his hand at catching one.

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Noodling for Snapping Turtles

Co-Hosts Troy & Mac head to the creeks of Southern Indiana to try their hands at Noodling for Snapping Turtles. This form of hand fishing isn't for everyone!

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6'6 dude almost loses his arm to this prehistoric creature!! Worlds largest Alligator snapping turtle.

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All female catfish noodling team from Texas

how to noodle for catfish: http://amzn.to/2k7t4ti These ladies are tough!

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RedNeck Hand Fishing, noodling

Hillbilly hand fishing East Texas style.

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TOP 5 NOODLING HUGE CATFISH Underwater With Bar hands - INCREDIBLE HUGE CATFISH TOP 10 NOODLING HUGE CATFISH Underwater With Bar hands - INCREDIBLE HUGE CATFISH,fishing underwater challenge,underw...

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Noodling a Flathead Catfish Tennessee River

Kenny Caywood a client wrestles a 45 pound flathead from its lair and shows off his skills that he has learned!

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Catfish Noodling tips with Hannah Barron

Hannah Barron has been noodling for catfish for 4 years and has landed some monsters. Recently a video of her catching a 30 pound catfish went viral, getting over 15 million views in less...

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Noodling a Flathead

First good fish of the year.

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7 Year old Colston noodling big flathead catfish!!!!

Brave little boy catfish noodling with Alabama Catfish Noodlers.

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Tiny Kid Enters the Lair of a Giant!!! Noodling Dark Cave

Watch as River Williams 8, goes deep into the cave lair of Mr. Whiskers. Who will win this battle? Do you have the courage to go underwater to the back of a coffin sized hole with only a small...

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TOP 5 NOODLING FOR CATFISH - Catfish Noodling - Underwater Noodling - Noodling Catfish

TOP 5 NOODLING FOR CATFISH - Catfish Noodling - Underwater Noodling - Noodling Catfish | NOODLING HUGE CATFISH Underwater With Bar hands - INCREDIBLE HUGE CATFISH - Catching Catfish Underwater...

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Noodling Catfish

Noodling a catfish in the Swatara Creek.

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Jake Getting Tossed Around By a Big Catfish Noodling

This big ol cat whooped Jake (Alabama Catfish Noodlers)

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Noodling for catfish


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Noodling at Lake Barkley Kentucky

Catfish Noodling on Kentucky's can be a big day! Join Host Tim Farmer as he meets a few hand grabbing locals with big fish on their minds. Noodling at Lake Barkley Kentucky.

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http://adrenalinerushnoodling.com/ Noodling is one of the most extreme sports you can take part in. NOTHING gets the adrenaline flowing like the raw power of a massive catfish on your hands...

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Total Drama Ridonculous Race 21 - Ca noodling

The six remaining teams now travel to Vietnam and are being merged into two temporarily super-teams.

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Basic noodling with Lee McFarlin

Veteran noodler Lee McFarlin offers some how-to tips for beginners.

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Noodling A flathead & Cleaning A flathead catfish & cooking it

Gutting, skinning and filleting a Flathead catfish and cooking it and eating it , good day hand fishing a the creek,

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Noodling buddies

This is an older show and rules and regulations may have changed, so be sure and consult your Oklahoma fishing guide before heading into the woods or waters. Go noodling with a couple life-long...

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Jason Becker Noodling

Previously unreleased, Jason Becker noodling for Rob and Tony. \

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Experts say deaths illustrate dangers of noodling

Sport of catching catfish by hand growing in popularity.

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Noodling Catfish - GoPro

Noodling catfish in Virginia with the GoPro.

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Catfish Noodling Video

A couple of good ole boys enjoying a fishing trip.

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Catfish Noodling at its best! A Must see!

Our annual 4th of July tourny at Catfish Acres in Litchfield Michigan was one to remember! We had over 192lbs of catfish caught. Winner was Tim Estel at a whopping 80lbs and Clare Kropajewski...

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Buckethead and Maximum Bob performing in Cali 1996 Film: Doug F.

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The Flaming Lips - Okie Noodling

a short musical tale of fishing & masturbation The Southern Oklahoma Trigger Contest - 0:00 Noodling Theme [Epic Sunset mix 5] - 7:30 At the Fish Fry and the Bigot's Drunk - 10:57.

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