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Noodling for Snapping Turtles

Noodling for Snapping Turtles

Indiana Outdoor Adventures heads to the water to noodle for snapping turtles. Co-Host Troy McCormick even hands off the camera to try his hand at catching ...

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Noodling a 84lb flathead catfish in 1ft of.water!!

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

TOP 5 NOODLING FOR CATFISH - Catfish Noodling - Underwater Noodling - Noodling Catfish

TOP 5 NOODLING FOR CATFISH - Catfish Noodling - Underwater Noodling - Noodling Catfish | NOODLING HUGE CATFISH Underwater With Bar hands ...

16th Annual Okie Noodling Tournament

The 16th Annual Okie Noodling Tournament at Wacker Park in Pauls Valley Oklahoma kicks off this year with an inaugural concert in the park on Friday night, ...




New Personal Best for #YuriGrisendi in the River Rhone (France) #Catfish over 250 Pound (LBS) and over 8 feet. Incredible #Fish ,#Monster !! Un grand combat ...

Alabama woman catches catfish with bare hands

19-year-old Hannah Barron of Crenshaw County catches a catfish with her bare hands.

Sarah's First Catfish Noodling

Alabama Catfish Noodlers www.alabamacatfishnoodlers.webs.com.

Queen of Catfish Noodling

We ❤ likes and subscribes! https://goo.gl/mFcsNU The best of the net! Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. Five of you will receive a $25 ...

YETI Presents: Bottom Feeders

It takes a little nerve, a deep breath, and your bare arm to catch a catfish the cowboy way. Two rival Okie Noodling Champs, Kaleb Summers and Marion Kincaid ...

Extreme Noodling (hand fishing) Massive Catfish

Extreme Noodling (hand fishing) Massive Catfish.

Under water video of Noodling a flat head catfish.

WARNING!!! Don't go in deep water when noodling catfish , don't go alone,don't go into water with a strong current and don't go the water if you live in a state ...

Noodling for Catfish with Hannah Barron

Jeff and Hannah Barron teach a redneck to hand-fish for giant catfish in Alabama.

Noodling Catfish - GoPro

Noodling catfish in Virginia with the GoPro.

CATFISH NOODLING: Girl Catches Huge Catfish With Her Hands! GET BIT



6'6 dude almost loses his arm to this prehistoric creature!! Worlds largest Alligator snapping turtle.

Kid Noodling a Catfish - Fishing by hand

Kid Noodling a Catfish - Fishing by hand #fishing, #Noodling https://youtu.be/l1jJeyaFNgM.

Basic noodling with Lee McFarlin

Veteran noodler Lee McFarlin offers some how-to tips for beginners.

Noodling Trip 18

I got to spend the day on the Alabama River with Jeff & Hannah Barron noodling for catfish. The Ledbetter's, Jason, Mallory, Eli & Stephanie were also with us.

Noodling Catfish

Noodling a catfish in the Swatara Creek.

Tiny Kid Enters the Lair of a Giant!!! Noodling Dark Cave

Watch as River Williams 8, goes deep into the cave lair of Mr. Whiskers. Who will win this battle? Do you have the courage to go underwater to the back of a ...

Jake Getting Tossed Around By a Big Catfish Noodling

This big ol cat whooped Jake (Alabama Catfish Noodlers)

Commercial Doritos Mermaid - \

Commercial Doritos Mermaid.

Noodling For Huge Catfish - Fishing with Cory Williams

Noodling catfish takes fishing to a whole new level of outdoor fun. Today, I'm taking Cory Williams out on his first big catfish noodling trip out on a lake here in ...

Florida noodling

Hand-fishing for tarpon WARNING-woman's voice in background is mega-annoying!

Noodling buddies

This is an older show and rules and regulations may have changed, so be sure and consult your Oklahoma fishing guide before heading into the woods or ...

Catfish Noodling! A Record Breaking Tournament You Must See!

Come today and noodle a monster flathead blue or channel catfish! http://litchfieldcatfishacres.com/ This is a highlight video from the 2013 State Noodling ...

Catch & Cook Noodling Flathead Catfish

I go noodling with Brian and Chad Douglas of Udall Kansas every year. If you are looking for a great experience at an affordable price be sure to check them out.

Girls Gone Catfish Noodling

Katie's first noodling trip, and she catches some big ones! www.alabamacatfishnoodlers.webs.combg v.

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